The TABLEWARE COLLECTION is for enjoying a meal with family and friends.


We thought back to meals we had experienced. What made them special? How did they make us feel? What did they taste like? We used those memories to build an idea of the feelings we wanted the collection to give the eater. Feelings of being welcome, of giving, of togetherness.


We mapped the experience of eating from cooking to cleaning. We were inspired to focus on how you handle the tableware when sharing a meal and how food is framed. 


Setting up mock meals with our prototypes we pretended to set the table, eat and clean. Through this process we refined the form of each product as well as each physical interaction.


Driven by both the visual aesthetic and feeling as well as manufacturing- each part of the collection was designed for a specific process. Slip casting, ram pressing, Swiss machining, 3-axis machining, and laser cutting.


If you would like to read more about how we designed the tableware collection please click the link below. It will take you to the Grovemade Journal. 


Designed in collaboration with my friends Kevin Do and Ken Tomita for Grovemade.

Product photos by Grovemade